Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are you a chain?  Are there multiple locations?

A.  We are a one of a kind, family owned small business with the drive to expand.

Q.  Are your pies baked on site?

A.  Yes, we have a small 600 square foot kitchen on site that has a capacity to bake up to 600 hand made pies per day.

Q.  Are your pies baked fresh daily?

A.  Our pies are baked to be purchased or consumed by the day after baking, so we usually have pies that are 4-48 hours old in our cases.  Our cream pies are refrigerated after baking to keep them as fresh as possible.

Q.  What is the difference between your pies/style of baking vs. other bakeries?

A.  Our pies are freshly baked.  We use the highest quality ingredients and bake from scratch in small batches.  Our pies have no additives or preservatives.  We use only real butter in our pie crust.  We use only 100% hand whipped cream in our cream pies.  Our homemade pie crust is hand shaped and every edge is crimped with 2 crusts never looking exactly the same (just like snowflakes).  If you want to know if another pie shop uses the same quality standards, please ask them.

Q.  Why are your pies so expensive?  

A.  The quality ingredients that we use combined with the man hours per pie means that we spend at least triple the cost to make a single pie as other automated bakeries.  Our pie prices are meager compared to what our costs of production are. Basically, you are paying for higher quality.  While visiting my daughter in Arkansas, I ran across a blackboard with the following quote...."Good pie isn't cheap, cheap pie isn't good."

Q.  Why do you sell out of some pies?

A.  We try to guess what our pie consumption will be on a day to day basis and bake accordingly.  Some days, our customers focus attention on one or two specific pies and purchase evertthing we have available for that day.  Small batch pie baking takes time, and we have to wait for the next batch to finish on the following day before the pie is available again.

Q.  What do you do with pies that do not sell after 48 hours?

A.  Pies that do not sell are taken to the Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth.  

Q.  Where else do you donate your pies?

A.  We also donate our fresh pies to the MHMR community Center in Fort Worth for their monthly Birthday Parties.

We keep a donation box in the shop, where we collect small toiletries that we take to the community center, where they are given out to clients in need.  If you bring in a donation, you will receive 10% off your order.

We have a line of goodies called SweetSarasSweets     A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the goodies is donated to MHMR of TC. to help those who suffer with Mental Health issues.  We wish we could donate to everyone, but that just isn't possible.

Q.  Do you take reservations?

We can seat up to 30 guests for pie eating.  On the week-ends seating is in great demand.  If your group would like a reservation during the week between 11 & 4 PM, we will take a reservation for your group.  There is a $ 70.00 minimum per hour for 10 people.  The entire facility can be rented out for 2 hours with a $800.00 minimum.


Q.  Do you offer gluten free pie?

A.  We do offer Gluten Free Pies; however, we order our pies from a gluten free bakery in Dallas.  They are brought to us frozen and remain frozen until served, so they are always fresh, with no flour contamination.    The pie is sold by the slice or by the whole 9" pie.

We also offer gluten free muffins and a breakfast muffin.

Q.  Do you carry any Savory Pies?

Yes, we have made from scratch Chicken Pot Pie and Shepherds Pie.